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About Michael

His Background

A native of Southern California, Michael served in the U.S. Navy for 15 years starting September 1992 - participating in operation Southern Watch, with two deployments aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. After leaving the Navy, he gained his associates and bachelor's degrees in political science - graduating in 2005. He would later meet his fiance-to-be Samaneh Abbasi on a Yahoo Chatroom in 2012. 

Michael travelled to Iran a total of three times - including the trip of his arrest in 2018 on unsound grounds. It is almost universally acknowledged that Michael's detention in Iran was a result of the regime's longstanding policy of holding foreign nationals, particularly those from western nations, hostage in order to exact concessions (usually monetary or sanctions relief) from their countries.

Michael was finally released in a 2020 prisoner swap brokered by the Trump administration. 

Vehemently supportive of the Iranian people's right to self-determination and freedom from a brutal regime that has been in place since the 1979 revolution that overthrew the regime of the preceding Shah - Michael is a vocal critic of Iran's injustice system, it's clerical elite, and of those in the west who believe in a policy of appeasement towards Tehran, it's proxies, and malign activity.

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Michael And The Press

Below you'll find a compilation of Michael's engagement with the media in the form of interviews, articles, and headlines.

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